Demon Hunter - The Ascending One

Personal Log - Date: 6th of March 2010

I’m really happy to see my team-mates, and really unhappy to have that asshole shouting over my face. The most obnoxious Colonel I have ever served under, is now pissed for the failure of a training mission that another team had to do.
For my eyes it was really funny! Those butt heads had to recover a civilian personnel and defuse a bomb at the same time. For the training mission purposes the bomb was a suitcase and the civilian was a big envelope. They actually recovered the bomb and diffused the civilian! Rofl, can’t stop laughing.

Thanks God it was training!

But…. Army is army. Now everyone is going to be fucked up. Next Monday he’ll send us to Mainland. Bye-bye Liverpool for next week.
Current mission: Two teams will make base at certain locations. They have to take out one-another putting their flag to the other base. Easy and pain in the ass at the same time.
Anyway… An asshole is an asshole.
Nuf said, Lots to thing!



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