Demon Hunter - The Ascending One

Personal Log - Date: 4th of March 2010

While looking out of the window, I become assured for one more time that…
…I like sea
…I like the sound of air between the sloop masts
…I like calmness. Tricky trait for a U.K.Special Forces Soldier as myself.

Today is the last ordinary day for this month. (Un)Fortunately I have to present my services back to my team as a Sergeant. A weird feeling that I always have before I go for my 2 weeks work every month, is that I don’t really want to go, but when I reach there and wear my uniform, I really start to enjoy it. Is it because I like leading? because it’s the time that I’ll be accompanied by my best friend Richard Crowley? Don’t know… And who cares after all?

Nuf said! Time to pack up…



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