Demon Hunter - The Ascending One

Personal Log - Date: 13th-14th of March 2010

If something is going to go wrong, it goes from the first and early hours…
Before I hurry to give out any details, I’ll start from the everyday mundane things.
Everything was fine at the night. Shifts had nothing to report, communications were fine, the base back to UK was informed about us and everything went as planned! At the first morning hours I made 2 scouting teams to find the “enemy” base. They had to report back every half an hour. Team A two hours later, had report that they had no signs of the enemy base or military movement but they spotted some blood spots on the ground! Team B, found the other base and there the problems begun. Our communication started to fade. I barely could hear them and I suppose the same applied for them both. Fortunately I had trained them and we communicated with another way, so I ordered Team A to return, and Team B to stay there. While waiting team A, I made an infiltration team so when the team comes back we would start to move towards the “enemy”.
That’s how it happened.
We met Team B (having some difficulties) and we approached the base at night.
500 yards away from the base, we stayed low and we observed how they moved.
While observing, I saw something that shouldn’t have happen. Three black dog figures were hidden and were waiting to attack the soldiers patrol from the enemy base. For a UKSF soldier three dogs isn’t something to worry about but…
The only real ammo was in our handguns and are to be used only in absolutely urgent situation. So we waited!
To be honest my thoughts were that the dogs were placed there on purpose, as a decoy, so we’ll reveal our position to help them if they attack. Anyway..
The dogs with cunning movements approached the patrol and successfully attacked all together one soldier. The largest dog started to choke him and the other two pinned him down. Shots started to be directed towards the dogs by the other guy, and assistance came A.S.A.P.
For a strange reason the dogs were not frightened by the hits of the bullets, but they sticked to their “plan” dragging all together the soldier away. The rest of the team kept firing on the dogs but with no results.
I ordered the rest of the team to move towards the base no that they had problems. Unfortunately they were not the only ones with problems…
While we moved I ordered the Demolitions Expert to go back to line so i could lead. He passed near me and suddenly he dropped down. After a quick look i saw a bullet that has passed through his torso… Without him knowing that, he had saved me. We stopped considering it a drill and start running to hide in the other bases’ buildings. Until the time we reach there he (or she?) had sniped 3 of my men. The other Team had no idea of what happened. They only knew that they had dead communications,that someone of their team had disappeared by some strange dogs (?) so they sent a jeep with 3 men and a minute before we reach they had a power down.
We informed them about the situation and immediately i got to see the team’s sergeant.
As we talked about the situation in his quarters a bullets passed through the wooden wall and hit one of his soldiers! We rushed to the door taking cover but the next bullet head shot him and killed him… Helping the wounded one, we went down the stairs and all the rest of the team stayed concealed not to be killed by a random bullet. Moments later an unexpected incoming vocal sign was received…

“All I need is Anderson dead. Come out to die and save the others’ lives.”

I did response but nothing changed. The soldiers looked at me as if they wanted me to save them. I saw their eyes asking for mercy. It was much like: Please save our souls
That’s not what would I do in their position, but in war that’s what you get. Anyhow, I stood up, and walked outside. I walked but i wouldn’t die without a fight. I hid trying to reach the sniper and I think I managed to reach very close. The victory though was not mine. The sound of a bike probably attracted him attention. “What the Hell does this guy doing in a place like this right now?” was my thoughts.
Nevertheless the sniper didn’t miss his chance on me. He had a clear shot, and he commited it.
I, was prone, covered with leaves, when i heard the shot.. Suddenly the earth before me, cracked open and i could really clearly see fire and lava rivers inside. A strange warmth covered me as if I was infront of a volcano crater! In a blink of an eye, Fire of black and dark orange color erupted about 3 yards high, melting the bullet instantly.
In the meantime, the guy on the bike had stopped and jumped off.
He was about 5 feet tall, medium sized and seemed quite untrained. Without second thought he opened the button of his perfectly ironed suit’s jacket and dragged a MOD long-canned Magnum. While he aimed at the sniper he whispered a word and out of the blue, three maybe four tentacles made of shadow (???) enfolded his arm making it totally stable! The sniper started to run, but one shot was more that enough to kill him.

- You should be Anderson, right? he said with Italian accent.
- Who the Hell are YOU?
- You probably are… So, your friends inside believe you are dead by now, they heard a shot, so everything’s perfect. Jump on, we’leaving.
- Let’s say my name is Aldo DeLuca. Now jump on and ask your questions later

That’s weird… Very weird… Something’s smelly so I’ll go to figure out.

Nuf said. If I am about to die, at least I’ll enjoy the ride.

Personal Log - Date: 12th of March 2010

No time to spend so I’ll be quick.
We boarded a CASA C-212 and were dropped to our spot in Mainland.

Everyone looks skeptical and bored but that’s not for the time being.
Shifts are made, communications are established, Explosives are set… Everything is under control.

Nuf for first day.

Personal Log - Date: 6th of March 2010

I’m really happy to see my team-mates, and really unhappy to have that asshole shouting over my face. The most obnoxious Colonel I have ever served under, is now pissed for the failure of a training mission that another team had to do.
For my eyes it was really funny! Those butt heads had to recover a civilian personnel and defuse a bomb at the same time. For the training mission purposes the bomb was a suitcase and the civilian was a big envelope. They actually recovered the bomb and diffused the civilian! Rofl, can’t stop laughing.

Thanks God it was training!

But…. Army is army. Now everyone is going to be fucked up. Next Monday he’ll send us to Mainland. Bye-bye Liverpool for next week.
Current mission: Two teams will make base at certain locations. They have to take out one-another putting their flag to the other base. Easy and pain in the ass at the same time.
Anyway… An asshole is an asshole.
Nuf said, Lots to thing!

Personal Log - Date: 4th of March 2010

While looking out of the window, I become assured for one more time that…
…I like sea
…I like the sound of air between the sloop masts
…I like calmness. Tricky trait for a U.K.Special Forces Soldier as myself.

Today is the last ordinary day for this month. (Un)Fortunately I have to present my services back to my team as a Sergeant. A weird feeling that I always have before I go for my 2 weeks work every month, is that I don’t really want to go, but when I reach there and wear my uniform, I really start to enjoy it. Is it because I like leading? because it’s the time that I’ll be accompanied by my best friend Richard Crowley? Don’t know… And who cares after all?

Nuf said! Time to pack up…


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